MTX does not really affect daily life

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I would strongly suggest checking RS gold out and testing out the new mining and smithing mechanics, in addition to Archaeology (prob one of my favourite skills today; incorporates into RuneScape game nicely and has plenty of lore)! Be warned that the UI will be, but you can customize it any which-way you want! I would advise reading some comments on this article yesterday which was a player from OSRS checking out it, and people have a few really good tips/tricks on getting into RuneScape game.

MTX is really just a problem if you let it be. You may play with an Ironman to avoid all of it, or never have to buy makeup or keys. Though higher degree PvM really needs the EoC legacy Combat Mode is still a choice. Like everyone though, I set off studying the combat system, but love it now. It has been significantly improved from the initial execution which drove way. I think you should give it a shot! If all you know about RS3 is out of OldSchool players, you're missing a great deal!

Two things in RS3 are objectively"damaging:" that the MTX focus, and the UI. MTX does not really affect daily life as far as you believe, if you don't let it. You get your everyday chests, and move on. It's possible to spend money on keys that could give xp and things, but that's no way to actually play RuneScape game. Where MTX becomes bothersome is in RS3's update program. We'll see it again in a month or two, when this sub becomes filled with MTX complaints again. RS3 drops content updates that are massive. These dry spells are full of MTX events and promotions, usually.

The UI is complicated and elaborate... but easy cheap rs3 gold to understand with enough time. This is just MMORPG syndrome: that the UIs are almost always intricate. RS3 is very different from OSRS's simple approach to things: battle, skilling, and actions are extremely complex, and the completely customizable UI reflects this.