About EITCI Institute Cloud
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EITCI Institute Cloud, European IT Professionals Community

EITCI Institute Cloud is a professional social network focused on Information Technologies. It serves as an international collaborative community platform to advance progress and scale of adoption of Information Technologies in the society of the European Union and abroad.

On EITCI Institute Cloud you can publically prove your competencies and experience in IT and connect with other experts as well as entrepreneurs, researchers, investors, policy makers, and all other individuals, companies and institutions professionally related to Information Technologies. You can boost your IT careers, initiate business or research cooperation, organize consortia, initiate projects and drive sales. If you are on earlier stage of your career you can leverage EITCI Institute Cloud to find a job strategically placing you in the field of your specialization in IT securing a relevant position in the digital society. Information Technologies make an important part of the future and are a major driver for sustained development in both economical and social terms.

EITCI Institute Cloud is a fully open initiative of the European Information Technologies Certification Institute in Brussels, the mission of which is to dessiminate knowledge for supporting development of information society worldwide. The EITCI Institute Cloud is a specialized networking and business platform for professionals in IT enabling them to build their networks and proof their skills on-line.

Join EITCI Institute Cloud today to:

  • Make international contacts with professionals working in IT (general networking platforms are not easy to use in that respect, they are too broadly defined and limit your connection abilities locally)
  • Develop those contacts into cooperation either of research or business type.
  • Formulate projects, organiza consortia, drive your sales and grow companies.
  • Develop and showcase your certified skills and competencies in different fields of IT.
  • Early discover new technologies, trends, interesting jobs positions and business opportunities.
  • Get special discounts on EITC/EITCA Certifications. Earn your commissions from the sales on EITCI Institute Cloud.

From the EITCI Institute Cloud you can also decide to apply for an Official Membership in EITCI Institute to become a member of the EU IT certification authority and thus be able to engage in EITCI Institute's operations. More information on EITCI Institute Membership you can find on the website